The biggest archipelago in the world approcconsists of 17,508 islands covering a vast area between Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean of more than 2 millions square kilometers. About 6000 of those Islands are inhabited. Indonesia is also a long island-bridge of 5000-km long, lays between Asia and Australia with the equator in the middle. It has a long chain of active volcanoes from the west part of Sumatra to the eastern part of Lesser Sunda Islands (ring of fire). It is in this area live orangutans, komodo dragons - the last dragons still exist on earth, and the bird of paradise. Among 600 varieties of orchid, 3000 species of bamboo, 30 types of banana, 70 meter high trees and the biggest flowers in the world (the Rafflesia, 1 meter in diameter) can be found here. The two biggest islands form a half of Indonesian territory, The Kalimantan (south part of Borneo) and Irian Jaya, the west part of New Guinea Island.

When one comes to Indonesia, he will learn soon the hospitality and the friendliness of the people. The people of Indonesia are mosaic of ethnic groups. Every island consists of several groups of people some of which have inherited high civilization dated back thousands years ago from the Stone Age. There are about 366 ethnic groups known in Indonesia, each has its own language. This diversity of people is well represented in the country's national jargon "Bhineka Tunggal Ika" which means Unity in Diversity. It is also in this vast archipelago that the modernity faces the tradition, the superstition and supernatural become part of daily life and myths stand together with the reality.

With the population of about 234.6 millions inhabitants, Indonesia is the world's fifth biggest country for its number of population. About 65% of the populations occupy three islands: Java, Bali and Madura which cover only 7% of the surface of the archipelago (two millions square kilometers which is 17,508 islands). 85% of the populations are farmers; others are traders, civil servants, employees in private sector, etc.

Indonesia has equatorial climate, which is a bit hot and humid constantly. The climate in this country is also typical. In the southern part of the archipelago, the temperature is lower and the humidity is weaker. In the northern part, it is hotter and humid. The temperature varies depending on the season, between 23°C to 34°C. Generally, the best sunshine takes place in the morning and the nightfall earlier. The Sunsets in Bali at about 18h00. From May to October is the wet season and from November to April is dry season. The heaviest rainfall takes place in December and January (for Indonesian they love all seasons).

Every ethnic group has its own language. However, the Bahasa Indonesia is spoken as a national language. Some foreign languages are also widely spoken especially among the educated people or in major popular tourist destinations like Bali.

Indonesian Rupiah is the local currency used by Indonesian people. Rupiah notes of 100; 500; 1,000; 5,000; 10,000; 20,000; 50,000; 100,000. Other foreign currencies are also used in multinational trading and tourism industry.